Welcome to livegamefully

Livegamefully is a social enterprise that gives low income and middle-class entrepreneurs opportunities to gamefuly engage their staff and customers to make them happier.

Livegamefully has partnered with many organizations, trained over 100 participants, and shared over 100 inspirational blog posts.

Our background in brand strategy, visual design, course creation, and content management informs our mindful but competitive approach towards living. 

We feel there is a missing part. We should have done this many years ago to save the world -to save gamers- from extinction. 

We offer the following services
  • Product Gamification
  • Workplace Gamification
  • Marketing Gamification
  • Lifestyle Gamification
Our blog posts would cover a variety of areas where gamers are good at. We would be making an in-depth analysis of:
  • Lessons you can derive from gaming
  • How to use gaming experience to motivate your employees
  • The Deep secrets in gaming that would help you live a more productive life
  • How to use gaming techniques to be better at content writing
  • How you can apply established gaming principles to become a better decision-maker and master creative thinker.
  • How to use gaming techniques to aid learning and meet learning objectives at school.
The journey would exciting, I would be taking you through mind-blowing insights on how big business organizations are using gaming techniques to acquire customers, retain customers and surprisingly, how they are using you to market their products and lots more.

There would be interview sessions to analyze business outfits, where experts would do detailed analysis for you.

PS: You would also have updates on the juiciest, most exciting, and eventful happenings in the game world.

Stay tuned, it’s more awesome to live a gameful life



You can also apply to learn gamification.

In this course you’ll

  • Understand how the brain works
  • How to trigger motivations

  • Be able to apply behavioral design to all sorts of aspects in their lives, such as fundraising, sales, team motivation, parenting, teaching, relationships, and more.

  • Be able to identify the differences between White Hat Motivation (makes people feel powerful but not sense of urgency) and Black Hat Motivation (makes people feel urgent and obsessed, but leads to burn-out)

Game Player


Team management


gamification strategist